Yee Vue Greeted Us Right Away, Was Respectful, Patient

Maplewood Toyota Dealership Sales
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Shanna Booher –
My husband and I both just purchased new vehicles at Maplewood Toyota within a month of each other! My husband had a 2007 Focus with nearly 200K miles on it…it was time, so for his birthday we stopped in for a visit. Yee Vue greeted us right away, was respectful, patient and gave us all the time we needed- we decided on a gorgeous 2016 Avalon Limited. Less then a month later i decided my 2008 Escape was looking a little sad in the garage next to that Avalon so we went back to visit Yee ….honestly I knew I wanted a larger SUV for next vehicle but Toyota had never been on my radar before meeting Yee when buying the Avalon. He had me test drive the Highlander, 4Runner (and at my request, the Sequoia). We deiced on a 2016 Toyota 4Runner and he ordered it right up, I got exactly what I wanted and couldn’t be happier! I’d recommend Yee and Maplewood Toyota to anyone out there without hesitation!

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