Go to Yee. He is SUPER Nice and Knowledgeable

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Der Lioness Xiong
As soon as my dad and I walked to the lot, our rep walked right out to us and greeted my father and I. It was such a pleasant experience. He was so helpful and he was so kind. He did not push us to buy anything at all. My father and him even made some jokes by the time we left. My dad only thought we came there to take a look at cars but of course, I already had in mind to purchase a car. We were given such a good deal and I walked out of there a VERY VERY satisfied customer. I am LOVING my new car and I haven’t stopped starring at it. If anyone wants a new car or a used or, or a car in general, go to Yee. He is SUPER nice and knowledgeable. I couldn’t imagine a more pleasant experience. Thanks so much, Yee!!

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