Vic Perotta Was Extraordinarily Patient and Helpful

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Ferrol Hamernick
2 Years ago my husband and I went in to Maplewood Toyota to see about a new car for me. Vic Perotta was extraordinarily patient and helpful, as we explored 4 very different vehicle models. He did such a great job helping us find the absolute perfect vehicle for me, that my husband asked him about a truck. Vic went above and beyond to get us 2 great vehicles and great prices. Fast forward to last week, realizing I was going to be over in mileage on my lease – Vic and Mark in financing, made a miracle happen. They got me out of my lease, into a new vehicle, purchase this time instead of a lease – and coming out ahead. I know I didn’t make it easy considering I challenged them by saying I didn’t want to have money out of pocket at purchase and still have a payment I could live with. And as a side note – in 2 years of having my routine maintenance done there – always the BEST experience also. My car is always ready sooner than they say, cleaner than when I dropped it off and the most pleasant people taking care of me. The only problem now…they keep getting busier and busier so if you are on a tight schedule – call ahead and make an appointment 🙂

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