I Would Highly Recommend Bones

C Madison
Maplewood Toyota has been great! I’ve owned a Toyota since May 2009 and use their service department, which is excellent. I just purchased a Toyota RAV4 model and my experience with the Maplewood Toyota sales staff was outstanding, especially with my salesperson, Richard “Bones” Roeser! I would highly recommend the Toyota Rav 4, Bones and Maplewood Toyota sales to anyone.

Yee Spoke to Me as if I Was a Family Member

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Blongsha Hang
Yee Vue – Yee spoke to me as if I was a family member. I appreciated this very much because he was not talking to me as a client. He understood what I wanted (with the little to no background of knowledge with cars). He was genuinely looking out for my best interest to ensure I was investing in something that will help me in the long run. Not only that but he was very kind and helpful throughout the entire process as I was getting my car. I do not regret going to Yee. He’s an amazing man who is very knowledgeable and carries out the Maplewood Toyota motto.

Yee Vue Greeted Us Right Away, Was Respectful, Patient

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Shanna Booher –
My husband and I both just purchased new vehicles at Maplewood Toyota within a month of each other! My husband had a 2007 Focus with nearly 200K miles on it…it was time, so for his birthday we stopped in for a visit. Yee Vue greeted us right away, was respectful, patient and gave us all the time we needed- we decided on a gorgeous 2016 Avalon Limited. Less then a month later i decided my 2008 Escape was looking a little sad in the garage next to that Avalon so we went back to visit Yee ….honestly I knew I wanted a larger SUV for next vehicle but Toyota had never been on my radar before meeting Yee when buying the Avalon. He had me test drive the Highlander, 4Runner (and at my request, the Sequoia). We deiced on a 2016 Toyota 4Runner and he ordered it right up, I got exactly what I wanted and couldn’t be happier! I’d recommend Yee and Maplewood Toyota to anyone out there without hesitation!

At the Dealership, I Worked with Josh Kath

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Alexandra Borzo Fay
My experience with Maplewood Toyota started with an online inquiry. I was committed to finding a more affordable, fuel-efficient car, and sent several inquiries to various dealers to see what leasing deals they were offering. Though I was contacted promptly by each dealer the next day, my interaction with the representative at Maplewood Toyota was by far the most pleasant. What struck me most was how much more knowledgeable the Toyota employee was than any of the other representatives from the other dealers. I made an appointment right away to come to Maplewood Toyota. At the dealership, I worked with Josh Kath. My insistence on the lowest possible lease price was something which resonated with him, and he worked with me professionally, efficiently, and with a palpable investment in what was I told him was most important to me. Perhaps what struck me most was how relateable Josh was, and how little I felt “sold to.” He was more accommodating than I could have hoped. Five stars, without a doubt.

Tim is One in a Million, He is Honest, Friendly, Helpful

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Gene Warner
This is the sixth car we have leased from Toyota! For each of these cars we worked with Tim “Fish” Ehlenz. Tim is one in a million, he is honest, friendly, helpful and he has a wonderful sense of humor. I would recommend Tim and Maplewood Toyota to anyone in my family or my close friends who might be interested in either buying or leasing a vehicle. Thanks Tim for everything, you are the best!

Her Data Was Persuasive But She Was Never Pushy

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Russell Packard
I just purchased a Toyota Corolla from Catie Fisher. I had been planning on purchasing either a Honda Fit or a Ford Focus later that day, but I stopped in at Toyota first to take a quick look. Katie provided me with detailed information about the Corolla and explained many features in detail during a test drive. Her data was persuasive but she was never pushy. Instead, she took the time to listen to my vehicle needs and preferences, and then advocated for me to get the car I wanted within the price range I needed. In the end, I got a great deal and went home a satisfied customer!

Steve Called Saying He Had a Car With Everything

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Lynn Ryan
When we first went in to Toyota we left leaving our sales person Stephen Redlinger with a list of our wants and needs in a vehicle, in a few days Steve called saying he had a car with everything we wanted. It was the car for us. He did the shopping and got us a great interest rate. We’ll be back, possibly sooner than you think! It was a good car buying experience.
Thanks Steve.