I Get the Friendliest Visit From My “Car-Guy”, Bones!

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Anne Marie Najjar
Maintenance service is such a breeze at Toyota Maplewood. They are Jimmy on the spot, work fast and I trust them! I love the waiting area that is clearly customer friendly with good coffee and a giant tranquil fish tank. I can study my academics while I wait and always get the friendliest visit from my “car-guy”, Bones! I feel like I’m on a break, or visiting a friend when I go in. This allows me time to focus on things in my life that are important to ME!
Eternal Kudos Maplewood!

Mabi Ekiyor is An Absolute Best!

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Mabi Ekiyor is an absolute best!
He helped me on buying my 2009 Matrix back in 2011 and really helped my parents and I on my first car. I was very happy and received great assistance from him. Even after a couple of years, Mabi was able to help assist me for other questions relating to my car. And he still remembers my name! The staffs at Toyota, Maplewood, MN are truly one of the best. They remember their customers, are very helpful, and professional. I thank every one of them, especially Mabi. Thank you!

Vic Perrota Helped Us With Every Step of the Process

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Lori Reinert

We came to Toyota Maplewood with the desire to look at and possibly purchase a specific used car found online. Vic Perrota helped us with every step of the process and it all happened seamlessly within a 2 hour time frame. We had the car checked out by an independent mechanic shop after the purchase and was told that the car engine, etc. was in great shape. We have been driving the car and it meets all of our needs. Vic met our needs with a reasonable price and excellent customer service. We would definitely return to Maplewood Toyota and Vic for our future car purchase needs.

He Was an A+ Employee With Great Patience

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ching vang
Me and my wife went in to just look at what car to purchase for our next vehicle and was helped by a gentleman by the name of Cha Yang. The gentleman was very thorough and polite. He was an A+ employee with great patience, respectful, and during the showing. Cha never once pressured us to buy a vehicle yet he helped us by educating us and working with what we were thinking about when it came down to budget as well. He was very considerate and then on top of that, he always gave us the first OPTION. The reason I state this is because in the past dealerships, I have never been given the opportunity…it was just, “You like it? want to see if you can qualify? lets go inside and have you fill out some forms and we can get you going.” I was tired of that and I was very glad Cha helped us. I’m sure there are employees onsite that is just as great but Cha, really did blow my mind and eventually we were given time and thoughts and we made a decision and have decided to make a purchase and was very happy with it. Thanks again Toyota Maplewood.

Rick Schaffhausen of Toyota Maplewood is Quite Simply Great

Dear All Potential Car Buyers, Rick Schaffhausen of Toyota Maplewood is quite simply great at his job and I highly recommend working with him if you are considering buying a Toyota. Friendly, fun and just as equally informative and efficient, Rick made the process transparent and pressure-less! When test driving a Prius I told my wife “I don’t want to go to another dealership because we aren’t going to find a better car salesman than Rick.” She agreed completely. It’s really that simple. We live in a …