Tom Was So Much Help!

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sonya beltran
Love love loveeeee my new Toyota RAV4! I got there around 6:00pm & I knew I wanted a car but didn’t know which one! Tom Decker knew it was my first car & gave me some options with leasing and buying. He showed me a few cars & I asked to test drive the one I was more interested in. I gave it a spin and felllll in love! To make sure I wasn’t just having “brand new car fever” he told me to test drive another, just to compare. I did and I still loved the first one the most!!! 😊 Tom was so much help! Offering to stay way past his scheduled time to make me an owner of my very first car! It was an overall awesome experience and so glad he was my salesman! After staying late to sign some paperwork he took the time to show me where everything is in my car and helped me sync my phone to it! Which saved me the extra work!;) I love my new car & thank Tom so much at Maplewood Toyota dealership! Everyone there was really helpful in the process of buying my car! HIGHLY recommend it! Customer for life!!