Doug Fulton Received Us As Usual With a Smile

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Helen Spindler
We were searching for a new car for a while. Eventually we landed in Maplewood Toyota. Doug Fulton received us as usual with a smile and ready to work with us. My husband bought a RAV4 in 2004 from the same place and Dough Fulton helped to get the car, which we are still driving it.

This year we decided to go back to Toyota and get another RAV4 2016. Doug was there to help us again. He is professional and right away he got us the best deal they had in the store. We are so happy with our experience and our purchase. Definitely, we will recommend anyone who wants to buy a car to get to Doug Fulton at Maplewood Toyota.

We Would Always Be Happy to Work With Scott Rooney

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Ethel Coffman
We had Scott Rooney help us buy our 2017 Prius. He treated us as a good friend and still professional. Any question we had he answered and even sat in our new car and showed us a number of new features. He took all the time we needed. He even e-mailed us to see if we had any questions. We would always be happy to work with Scott Rooney. He cares.

I Worked With Bobby Again and He Did Not Disappoint

Augusto Perez
Two years ago I went to Maplewood Toyota to try my first lease experience. That’s when I met Bobby Higgins and I have to say that he took really good care of us then. He is professional and very knowledgeable. In fact, I had such a great experience with Bobby the first time that I went back there last Saturday and drove away with my second leased vehicle. I worked with Bobby again and he did not disappoint. Cannot rate his service other than ‘truly exceptional’. Looking forward to being back at the end of my current lease.

Terry Was Personable, Professional, Efficient, Knowledgeable, and Most of all Trustworthy

Fred Ogimachi
We were delighted with our purchase of a 2016 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid Limited. This was our second RAV4 (2007) from Terry and our second delightful experience. We were deliberating between a 2016 Camry Hybrid and the 2016 RAV4 Hybrid. Terry arranged for us to test drive both cars, walked us through comparisons, presented comparative costs (we had pricing from another Toyota dealer through a preferred program), discussed the great service at Maplewood Toyota, and then gave us some time to make our decision. Once we made the decision to purchase the RAV4, Terry processed the trade-in, setup the financing process, got the car prepared, walked us though the basics, and took our picture with the car. During every step of the process Terry was personable, professional, efficient, knowledgeable, and most of all trustworthy.

At the Dealership, I Worked with Josh Kath

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Alexandra Borzo Fay
My experience with Maplewood Toyota started with an online inquiry. I was committed to finding a more affordable, fuel-efficient car, and sent several inquiries to various dealers to see what leasing deals they were offering. Though I was contacted promptly by each dealer the next day, my interaction with the representative at Maplewood Toyota was by far the most pleasant. What struck me most was how much more knowledgeable the Toyota employee was than any of the other representatives from the other dealers. I made an appointment right away to come to Maplewood Toyota. At the dealership, I worked with Josh Kath. My insistence on the lowest possible lease price was something which resonated with him, and he worked with me professionally, efficiently, and with a palpable investment in what was I told him was most important to me. Perhaps what struck me most was how relateable Josh was, and how little I felt “sold to.” He was more accommodating than I could have hoped. Five stars, without a doubt.

Mabi Ekiyor is An Absolute Best!

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Mabi Ekiyor is an absolute best!
He helped me on buying my 2009 Matrix back in 2011 and really helped my parents and I on my first car. I was very happy and received great assistance from him. Even after a couple of years, Mabi was able to help assist me for other questions relating to my car. And he still remembers my name! The staffs at Toyota, Maplewood, MN are truly one of the best. They remember their customers, are very helpful, and professional. I thank every one of them, especially Mabi. Thank you!

Dave Pates Has Been Great to Work With

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RoyRebecca Blakey
We love Toyotas. We’ve always done our research on consumer reports and it has lead us to Toyota year after year.

Maplewood Toyota is professional and friendly. They have great service and care for the car buyer long after the initial purchase. Dave Pates has been great to work with every time we’ve bought a vehicle. He’s nice, flexible, patient and works hard to get us what we want. We can’t wait to go places in our new Highlander. Oh what a feeling!

Jason Jasinski Made Our Buying Process Top Notch

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D.D. Simmer
Jason Jasinski made our buying process top notch, from start to finish. From the moment we walked in, his personable and professional approach put my wife and I at ease, giving us the room needed to make our own decisions while being attentive enough to answer any questions we had. If you’re looking to buy a NEW Toyota, I would highly recommend going with Mr. Jasinski and Maplewood Toyota. Wish I could do six stars!

From Start to Finish My Experience at Maplewood Toyota Was Fantastic.

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Heidi Larson
From start to finish my experience at Maplewood Toyota was fantastic. Josh and AJ were up front, professional, thorough, and very focused. I felt like they were there for me and that I was the only customer that mattered. I left the dealership feeling like I was in the right vehicle for me. I would highly recommend Maplewood Toyota as the place to buy or lease your next car.

Vic Perrotta Was Professional, Knowledgeable and Tried to Find the Car

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Barbara Walker
In my quest to buy a new car I chose 4 vehicles that met my criteria. The end choice was made not only because I loved the RAV 4 but because Maplewood Toyota treated me far better than the 5 dealerships I visited prior. Vic Perrotta was professional, knowledgeable and tried to find the car and accessories I wanted, not sell me what he wanted to sell. I totally love my new car and feel the overall experience was enjoyable. Even the finance guy was more personable and pleasant to deal with than the other dealerships sales personnel!

Their Salesperson is Tim Ehlenz and He is Phenomenal!!!

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Sheila Anderson
I went to Maplewood Toyota, on the advice of my parents. They both have leased Camry’s and have been going there for 10+ years. Their salesperson is Tim Ehlenz and he is phenomenal!!! Can not say enough good things about him. He is a wonderful salesperson and have recommended him to several friends. I got my first Camry in 2012 and just picked up my new 2015 one today!! Love it and Maplewood Toyota. Everyone is very friendly, professional and accommodating.

Rory Shaffer Was Friendly, Professional, Very Helpful

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Kate Quinlan
Everything about my car selection experience at Maplewood Toyota was awesome. Sales Consultant Rory Shaffer was friendly, professional, very helpful, and actually made the process fun. He listened to what I was looking for, took his time to analyze my needs, and suggested several options accordingly. In the process of initiating a lease, several staff members were involved in different aspects, and all were personable and professional. I highly recommend Maplewood Toyota. I had put off car shopping for a few months, but Rory and everyone there made it easy and very successful. I love my new Prius!! And I look forward to a long term relationship with Maplewood Toyota.

BONES Has Taken Very Good Care of Us

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Nan Thir
We purchased a new Highlander from Maplewood Toyota last week. We had an excellent experience from start to finish. No pressure at any stage of our purchase. I would absolutely buy another car from Maplewood Toyota when time comes. BONES has taken very good care of us since beginning. He worked diligently to insure that we were totally satisfied with every aspect of our purchase. He is very knowledgeable on the different Toyota’s and various functionality of the vehicle and he made sure that we understood clearly every available function in the vehicle. He’s very personable and very professional in the performance of his job. He is always available to answer our question even after our purchase. We’ve never owned a Toyota before, so having this level of service when I visit a dealership is a great incentive for us to continue purchasing Toyotas and then having the vehicle serviced at Maplewood Toyota. Thanks BONES for your professional and courteous service. We totally recommend Maplewood Toyota for any Toyota purchase as well as service, and more particularly BONES!!!

Cha Yang was Phenomenal!

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Xee Thao
My sales agent, Cha Yang was phenomenal! He was professional, patient, super friendly, funny, and cool all at the same time. Being that it’s my first purchase, he was very willing to be of service. He gave me great suggestions and was honest. He was very knowledgeable about cars. I will be telling about him to my friends and family, and I will return to see him for future purchases. He was so helpful in this purchase and I am forever grateful for his help. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, Cha!

Jim Miller Took the Time to Find What We Needed

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Julie Quarve
Jim Miller took the time to find what we needed. A small used SUV that can handle the snow and cabin runs. Didn’t want brand new. He researched all the inventory and found a perfect fit for us. He was professional and took the time to answer my questions. The RAV 4 handles the snow better then my old trail blazer. I was pressed for time, my last car was totaled, in and out in one hour. He is my new “go to” car guy.