Rory Was Very Informative, Nice, Helpful,

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L Moua
I just purchased my first car here at Maplewood Toyota and it was an easy, simple process. Salesman (Rory) was very informative, nice, helpful, and he let me test drive on my own. Wasn’t pushy or the typical “car salesman” type. Felt like he was honest and genuinely trying to help me. They matched my pre-approved loan terms that I had with my bank. Again, the finance guy was very helpful and not pushy. Explained everything to me in easy-to-understand terms. Helped me make an informed decision. All around great service.

Rick Schaffhausen ā€“ Maplewood Toyota, Was Very Knowledgeable

Mary Vinje
Buying a new car can be very stressful but this experience was not. Rick Schaffhausen ā€“ Maplewood Toyota, was very knowledgeable and informative. I also feel he gave us a fair price for our 2005 Highlander. He understands his cars. He was persistent to find for us the correct new car we were looking for. Thank you Rick, Iā€™m enjoying my new Prius V.

Rick Schaffhausen of Toyota Maplewood is Quite Simply Great

Dear All Potential Car Buyers, Rick Schaffhausen of Toyota Maplewood is quite simply great at his job and I highly recommend working with him if you are considering buying a Toyota. Friendly, fun and just as equally informative and efficient, Rick made the process transparent and pressure-less! When test driving a Prius I told my wife “I don’t want to go to another dealership because we aren’t going to find a better car salesman than Rick.” She agreed completely. It’s really that simple. We live in a …

I Had a Fantastic Experience With Todd Hubbard

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David Haverberg
I had a fantastic experience with Todd Hubbard – he was informative about the cars and helped me figure out exactly which car I needed. After learning I placed a premium on gas mileage he discussed the various models, convinced me on the merits of getting a Corolla and, during our test drive, showed me a multitude of strategies to increase my gas mileage. I cannot recommend him enough.

Peter Ihle Really Made the Trip to Maplewood Toyota Worthwhile

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Katie Aney
I didn’t end up purchasing a car on my visit, but Peter Ihle really made the trip to Maplewood Toyota worthwhile. He was patient, helpful, informative and passionate about his job and I will definitely be doing business with Maplewood Toyota in the near future because of my great experience. Peter eased my worries about buying a car and matched all of the criteria I set for a new vehicle. I could tell by the way he worked with me that Maplewood Toyota is a great place. I will be returning soon.