I Worked With Bobby Again and He Did Not Disappoint

Augusto Perez
Two years ago I went to Maplewood Toyota to try my first lease experience. That’s when I met Bobby Higgins and I have to say that he took really good care of us then. He is professional and very knowledgeable. In fact, I had such a great experience with Bobby the first time that I went back there last Saturday and drove away with my second leased vehicle. I worked with Bobby again and he did not disappoint. Cannot rate his service other than ‘truly exceptional’. Looking forward to being back at the end of my current lease.

Todd Always Takes Time to Say Hello

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T Hunt
In for service again, nice not to be forgotten! Todd always takes time to say hello. Great experience and super helpful. Todd Hubbard took the time to listen to my needs and with his help I ended up with a new Pruis. Because of the miles I drive I will save almost $2000 a year in fuel cost and if prices rise even more! I am averaging almost 49 miles per gallon and now that I am learning a few tricks Todd shared with me my last tank was 51.4. Just came in for my first service and it went just like Todd Hubbard said it would… SUPER GREAT SERVICE DEPARTMENT and I got to visit with Todd!!!

Great Experience Shopping at Maplewood Toyota With Vic Perrota

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Gerard Torenvliet
Another great experience shopping at Maplewood Toyota, with Vic Perrota. I’d buy another car from Vic, but make no mistake – the team at Maplewood is also excellent. I’m the kind of guy who makes a decision before I’ve come to the dealership, and Vic worked well with my desire to just get the job done. In and out in just over two hours – with a reasonable deal on a great car.

Bones Provided Lots of Helpful Information and Answers to Many, Many Questions

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Mark Solfest
Great experience getting my new Tacoma truck through Richard “Bones” Roeser at Maplewood Toyota. Bones provided lots of helpful information and answers to many, many questions. And when I picked up my truck Bones spent over a couple hours training me in, including setting up cell phones and covering many extras. Love the truck — and many thanks to Bones for a great buying experience!

He Was Patient, Open-Minded, and Cared About Your Input

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Jennifer Lee
I am a recent grad, and I purchased my first car with Yee Vue. He helped me find the best deal available, understood exactly what I was looking for, did business with integrity, and candidly answer every question that I had. He was patient, open-minded, and cared about your input. I already told my friends and family about the great experience that I had at Toyota, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is considering a Toyota vehicle!

My Sale Representative Vic Perrota is The Best!

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Djenane Saint juste
I just buy a new Corolla at the Maplewood Toyota and I had a great experience. My sale representative Vic Perrota is the best! he helps me find the best deal for my needs and he is very knowledgeable, nice, and helpful. I really enjoyed the fact that he speaks French. Thanks Vic, my family and I really like our new Car.

Bottom line? Rick listens, and No Pressure!

Jodi Vollhaber My husband and I have both leased and purchased cars from Maplewood Toyota and have always worked with Rick Schaffhausen. Today was no different, just leased another vehicle from Rick and I am very happy with my selection and total service received. Bottom line? Rick listens, and no pressure! Thank you Rick and Dave in finance, for another great experience!

Peter Ihle Really Made the Trip to Maplewood Toyota Worthwhile

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Katie Aney
I didn’t end up purchasing a car on my visit, but Peter Ihle really made the trip to Maplewood Toyota worthwhile. He was patient, helpful, informative and passionate about his job and I will definitely be doing business with Maplewood Toyota in the near future because of my great experience. Peter eased my worries about buying a car and matched all of the criteria I set for a new vehicle. I could tell by the way he worked with me that Maplewood Toyota is a great place. I will be returning soon.

We Highly Recommend Brett Colliton

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Hilda Blanco
We bought our first car from the Dealer since our family grow and needed a new car. So after looking for a car we went to Maplewood Toyota and found an awesome salesman Brett Colliton, Friendly and understanding of our family needs, we had a great experience and service, he went beyond our expectactions. We highly recommend Brett Colliton. Thank you Brett