A Certified 2013 Camry – We Loved Working with Rick S

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David Ray
In January, my wife and I purchased a Certified 2013 Camry. We loved working with Rick S. and the team. A few weeks after we purchased the vehicle, I noticed a sound similar to brake rotors being warped.

A couple days ago I had the pleasure of working with a few guys in the service department to get this resolved. They had a technician (who was very knowledgeable and professional) ride along with me to determine the sound. I was taken back that the tech rode with me, as usually at a shop they make you try to imitate the sound by yourself.

Now, here’s where I was blown away. The tech thought what he was hearing was some normal tire noise, which concerned me because of how loud it was, but he said he would inspect it to make sure. Sure enough he found that the tires were “cupping”. This apparently warranted new tires. That’s right – brand new tires! I was astounded and reassured that tire replacement was done without the blink of an eye.

Before I knew it, I had a cup of coffee and a cookie in my hand during the short wait for my vehicle. When the service writer told me my vehicle was finished, he let me know it was coming back from getting a wash. Wow.

It really is a combination of the big and small things that made this experience a true five-star.

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