Bones Sat Down With Us and Discussed EVERYTHING

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Ashley Soaz
My fiance works in the car industry, so when he asked for advice on who to talk to at Maplewood Toyota and they told us Richard “Bones” Roeser I figured lets give it a try. First I will say Toyota was the 3rd dealership we went to and it was 10x as busy as any of the other dealerships, but we still got greeted right away. We asked for Bones and a man pointed us right to his desk. It was a half an hour before close, but Bones sat down with us and discussed EVERYTHING we had questions about. He even gave us some of his personal experiences with insurance companies. He was super laid back, honest, and wasn’t pushy at all. We ended up leaving that night with all the information and decided to sleep on it, Bones gave us his number and told us to call or text if we had any questions. We set up another appointment for two days later, and because of traffic/work we were two hours late and he was with another client. Even though he was with another client he was able to multi-task.

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