The Best Sales Experience I Have Ever Had

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Joseph F. Citta
I would like to bring attention to Mabi, who worked closely with me during the purchase of a 2017 Land Cruiser. Mabi’s seasoned demeanor is an asset to your sales team, which is already very good. I sincerely appreciate not being approached by multiple sales people the minute I set foot in the parking lot. I experienced nothing more than a polite “have you been helped?” by the members of your sales team. I was soon introduced to Mabi, by Ann – who called me in response to an internet inquiry I had made on the vehicle I purchased. Ann’s call was early in the morning, short, and to the point. Perfect in every way. Mabi did what lawyers are taught in law school when giving advice… give the client the advice they need, without talking to them like a client – by talking to them like a friend.
Mabi did so perfectly.

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