He Was an A+ Employee With Great Patience

Google Rated 5 Stars:

ching vang
Me and my wife went in to just look at what car to purchase for our next vehicle and was helped by a gentleman by the name of Cha Yang. The gentleman was very thorough and polite. He was an A+ employee with great patience, respectful, and during the showing. Cha never once pressured us to buy a vehicle yet he helped us by educating us and working with what we were thinking about when it came down to budget as well. He was very considerate and then on top of that, he always gave us the first OPTION. The reason I state this is because in the past dealerships, I have never been given the opportunity…it was just, “You like it? want to see if you can qualify? lets go inside and have you fill out some forms and we can get you going.” I was tired of that and I was very glad Cha helped us. I’m sure there are employees onsite that is just as great but Cha, really did blow my mind and eventually we were given time and thoughts and we made a decision and have decided to make a purchase and was very happy with it. Thanks again Toyota Maplewood.

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