Dave Pates Has Been Great to Work With

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RoyRebecca Blakey
We love Toyotas. We’ve always done our research on consumer reports and it has lead us to Toyota year after year.

Maplewood Toyota is professional and friendly. They have great service and care for the car buyer long after the initial purchase. Dave Pates has been great to work with every time we’ve bought a vehicle. He’s nice, flexible, patient and works hard to get us what we want. We can’t wait to go places in our new Highlander. Oh what a feeling!

My Partner and I Had a Fantastic Experience With David Pates

Google Rated 5 Stars:

John Stephenson
My partner and I had a fantastic experience with David Pates! We tried a few other dealerships first and were really frustrated, being first time buyers. I have a decent bit of experience with cars thanks to my father, but I was openly teased and subtly mocked elsewhere as though other dealers thought because we were new and didn’t have amazing credit, that we were also stupid and gullible. Never mind the fact that I am a woman and most of the other salesmen would barely even speak to me even though I am the primary driver and the one actually purchasing the vehicle! We even got told that my partner was only helping me and letting me talk to “keep me happy”. How insulting considering how much money he’s helping with for MY vehicle.

Here we were greeted as we walked up right away and David already had the car I had inquired about earlier ready for us when we arrived (even though we were 30 min early). Even though our finances didn’t quite fit the vehicle, David let us drive it and then helped walk us through the application process and all our other options. Ultimately he was able to help me settle and finance a 2012 Toyota Yaris. I couldn’t be happier. The car is in fantastic condition, but equally as important was how much time Dave spent helping us on top of how incredibly polite and patient he was. I never had the feeling that he was just trying to push a sale, despite the fact that I know that’s what any salesperson would ultimately want, and he took the time to help us find what worked for us and our budget.

I would definitely recommend this dealership to anyone, especially if you’re new to vehicles. They don’t try to hide their Carfax (or lack thereof) and will happily walk you through any questions as well as work within your budget. I am very happy with my car!!! 10/10!

David Pates Was Most Helpful With My Purchase

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K Manley
I recently purchased my third Toyota from Maplewood Toyota. David Pates was most helpful with my purchase of a 2015 Prius to replace my 2006 Prius. It was great working with David; he answered all my questions, and I appreciate his completing the I-phone to Bluetooth connection for me. I also liked working with Dave Redick for the financial side of the purchase. As a long-time Maplewood Toyota customer I know there is no better service team than Russ Bestler and his crew. Thank you.

Thanks Dave for Your Professionalism

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Doug Petty
I just leased my second Sienna from Dave Pates at Maplewood Toyota. When my lease came due there was no question about where I was going. My experience with this dealership has been great. The service department is open really late, which make regular service a breeze. Thanks Dave for your professionalism, and actually remembering who I was after 3 years.

Dave Pates, in Particular, Was Fabulous, Truly Exceptional

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Jay Krishnan
I had a great experience at Maplewood Toyota. Dave Pates, in particular, was fabulous, truly exceptional and very kind, as always. This is the second time we have worked with him. (He was who we bought our Toyota Highlander from.) He is patient, never pushy, always understanding, and really cares about us as the customer. I will continue to recommend him as the best sales associate in the car business that I know. He is, in a word, amazing. Thanks, Dave