Bobby Higgins Really Impressed Us With His Patience, Kindness, and Ability to Assist Us

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Yer Thao
This isn’t just a quickly written review to boost up a salesman’s reputation but rather a sincere one to help other car-buyers receive a real, genuine car-buying experience.

There are certain individuals who hit you as ‘unapproachable’ and then there are those who definitely seem like kind-hearted individuals who enjoy helping others. Bobby Higgins really impressed us with his patience, kindness, and ability to assist us in all ways to help my husband and I with my first car. We had questions, probably obvious-answer type of questions but he answered each and every one.

When he took us out to test-drive the type of vehicle we wanted, he let us comfortably take our time to view the cars. Even though we weren’t too picky, I don’t doubt he’d have been impatient if we were. Upon returning from test drives, we picked the car we wanted. Between paperwork and getting us approved, he gave us plenty of time to discuss our options and decisions, which is something I don’t see too many salesman do. If you want a comfortable and non-pushy salesman, I vouch for him.

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