Details of the Rav 4 Were Explained Clearly by Tom

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Wow! Would describe our Toyota experience. From the first handshake by Andy Hulcher, to the excellent service from Tom Decker, every detail of our leasing a Toyota Rav 4 2017 was incredibly smooth. The details of the Rav 4 were explained clearly by Tom. The extras of the sunroof, upscale floor mats, included in a price we could afford. We didn’t have to barter over the leasing price, they gave us an extraordinary deal. They covered the last payment of our other lease. As well as the first payment of the Toyota Rav 4 lease. The finance manager explained clearly the costs and was very knowledgeable. Tom Decker spent considerable time explaining “Every” detail of how our car works.😁 Down to the last handshake by Andy & Tom, with each of them telling us to call them if we had any questions about the Rav 4. Tom said several times to feel free to call him if we don’t understand something about how the car works. He would be available. Thanks a million, Maplewood Toyota!

Sincerely, Karin & Curt O’Connor

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