At the Dealership, I Worked with Josh Kath

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Alexandra Borzo Fay
My experience with Maplewood Toyota started with an online inquiry. I was committed to finding a more affordable, fuel-efficient car, and sent several inquiries to various dealers to see what leasing deals they were offering. Though I was contacted promptly by each dealer the next day, my interaction with the representative at Maplewood Toyota was by far the most pleasant. What struck me most was how much more knowledgeable the Toyota employee was than any of the other representatives from the other dealers. I made an appointment right away to come to Maplewood Toyota. At the dealership, I worked with Josh Kath. My insistence on the lowest possible lease price was something which resonated with him, and he worked with me professionally, efficiently, and with a palpable investment in what was I told him was most important to me. Perhaps what struck me most was how relateable Josh was, and how little I felt “sold to.” He was more accommodating than I could have hoped. Five stars, without a doubt.

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